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    BIPOC Individual Therapy

    Have you struggled to find a therapist that has a deeper understanding and validates you and your experience and stressors as a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color?

    Are you looking to process the effects of racism and prejudice with someone who also has experience navigating oppressive systems?

    Have your language, culture, or practices gone unrecognized and untapped in your healing process?

    As a person of color who utilizes therapy myself, I recognize the difficulty in finding a provider with these qualities. When we are not fully seen in our therapeutic process, it can be harder to connect with our deeper, resilient aspects that are rooted in our culture.

    Here you have found an affirming place with someone who you can be yourself with and who strives to see and understand you more fully.

    I encourage you to reach out for a free consultation with me. I would be happy to speak with you about how I may be able to help.

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