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    Therapy for Refugees

    Whether you are newly arrived, or been here for years, there comes a time when resettlement in a new country can become too overwhelming and stressful.

    Many people struggle with resettlement stress, grief and loss of their home country, family, friends, way of life, and adapting to a new culture. Often memories and symptoms arise, along with fear of how to address them.

    I understand the many challenges you face and the hesitation you might feel in talking with a therapist. I have served refugees from around the world for the past several years and I am able to work with you in your language, with an interpreter, helping you build trust and see positive results. I will also work with your case managers and care coordinators to make sure you are connected to the resources that will help you thrive.

    I offer individual and family counseling for those with refugee status. Children 5 years and older can be seen for Play Therapy. Teens can be engaged with nature and expressive arts techniques.

    In terms of location, you have choices. You can be seen in my office, on video, or at your home for those who qualify.

    I invite you to contact me today for a free consultation.

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